How It Works

Please see below for a step by step process of how the opening mechanism operates for our double glazed frameless glass door. The operation of our single glazed frameless glass door follows a similar operation, which is outlined in the above picture animation. The Ultra Slim patio door opening mechanism is identical to the double glazed frameless glass door system.

Double glazed frameless glass door from fully closed position:

  • 1) Using the key, unlock the side compression lock
  • 2) Twist handle to the open position
  • 3) Using the handle, pull the access door to swing open, which then sits at a right angle to the static panels
  • 4) Slide the next panel along to where the access was originally situated
  • 5) Pull and swing open as previously performed
  • 6) Stack against access door
  • 7) Perform same task for the rest of the glass panels
  • 8) All panels will now be stacked together, to one side of the door system
  • 9) The system is now fully open
  • Weather Protection System

    The double glazed frameless glass door boasts a unique and innovative weather protection system never seen before in patio door design. Each glass panel uses an opaque gasket tube running from top to bottom in order to protect itself from weather conditions. Each gasket tube consists of a male and female adjoining mechanism. When the panels are locked in place using the side compression lock each panel is forced into the next by the pressure and the male/female joints connect. The gaskets have a 'rubber like' property which allows maximum use of the compression and in turn the system becomes weather resistant.

    High Energy Efficiency

    A crucial aspect to any patio door system is retaining heat. The benefits of this are multiple, allowing for better heat retention in homes as well as lowering O2 emissions. Therefore saving you money on heating bills, whilst giving unmatchable clear glass views. To achieve this, the top and bottom holding rails are thermally broken which lends to lower heat loss through the aluminium parts. The weather protection system itself also to lowers heat loss through its adjoining gasket system. The glass panels themselves actually have a lower U-value than other materials often used in conservatory doors. The main reason for this is that glass is a much better insulator than aluminium, and our frameless glass door systems are mainly constructed of glass.