Frameless Glass Doors - Technical Specs

Please see below for a list of technical specs of our Frameless Glass Door system. For further technical details or questions please contact us.

  • - British Kite-Marked 28 mm Sealed Glass Units (Guaranteed for 5 years Standard BSEN 1279-2)
  • - Total gasket width 19 mm per panel
  • - Fully secure by way of a side compression Schlegel locking system
  • - 28mm toughened sealed glass units
  • - Upper and Lower thermally broken aluminium powder coated holding frames (available in any RAL colour)
  • - Full 3 point turn Schlegel locking system
  • - Weather protection system for interlocking glass panels uses plastic captures, rubber male/female joints and brush strips
  • - Glide-on rail system allowing panels to slide along Teflon based system with ease
  • - Top guided system using stainless steel turning arms for opening
  • - U value 1.6 Watts per Mt. Squared, approximately
  • - The only moveable parts are stainless steel and Acetel/Teflon plastics (Increasing life expectancy)
  • - Glide-on rail system allowing panels to slide along Teflon based system with ease
  • Technical Drawings

    Weather Protection System

    The double glazed frameless glass door boasts a unique and innovative weather protection system never seen before in patio door design. Each glass panel uses an opaque gasket tube running from top to bottom in order to protect itself from weather conditions. Each gasket tube consists of a male and female adjoining mechanism. When the panels are locked in place using the side compression lock each panel is forced into the next by the pressure and the male/female joints connect. The gaskets have a 'rubber like' property which allows maximum use of the compression and in turn the system becomes weather resistant.

    Reducing Heat Loss

    A crucial aspect to any patio door system is retaining heat. The benefits of this are multiple, allowing for better heat retention in homes as well as lowering O2 emissions. Therefore saving you money on heating bills, whilst giving unmatchable clear glass views. To achieve this, the top and bottom holding rails are thermally broken which lends to lower heat loss through the aluminium parts. The weather protection system itself also to lowers heat loss through its adjoining gasket system. The glass panels themselves actually have a lower U-value than other materials often used in conservatory doors.